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Because Misery Loves Company

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Misery Loves Company
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You've found Tragic Icons, the icon journal of walkwiththedead. Here you will find icons of all kinds that are free for your own use. I try to vary my subjects so there is always something new. Please feel free to friend this journal, but please don't ask to be friended back. I do not take requests.

01. CREDIT. You must credit for everything you take from here. Mainly so others can find the journal. I would prefer you credit in the keywords, but a user info credit will do.

02. Comment. Obviously not a rule that can be enforced, but if you are going to take something, please comment and let me know! That way I know what everyone likes and I'll tend to make more like it. I do not always reply to comments, but I do read them all, I promise.

03. Do not demand icons from me please. Be respectful. If you would like me to make icons of someone/something you may suggest. I DO NOT take requests so please do not make any.

04. I will not make custom icons for you.

05. Please do not leave rude comments for me or anyone who has commented on my icons. Thank you.

06. DO NOT edit my icons UNLESS I have stated in the post that you may.

07. DO NOT post my icons anywhere else or claim you made them.

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