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[x]70 WWE Icons - Shelton Benjamin, Big Show, Melina,
Chuck Palumbo, Maryse, Carlito, Elijah Burke, Matt Striker,
Batista, Kenny, Chavo, The Miz & Cryme Tyme
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Nikki Sixx


I have made a new layout for tragic_icons so please check it out :) Also, I have redone the userinfo. I will be adding more to it when I have time. I have restarted the affiliates so if you were an affiliate before, you will have to "reapply". I will try to check that post more than I did the other one so I can add affiliates :) I have started tagging the entries so they are easier to find than in the memories! I have added a link to the tags at the top of the journal, as well as in the userinfo. I tagged most of the more recent entries and will continue to tag all future entries. I will be adding a couple of other things soon as well as posting some icons soon. Check back!