Misery Loves Company (tragic_icons) wrote,
Misery Loves Company


Well I never do shit like this but I've run into some money trouble as of late and I could really use some help. Friday I have to get some wisdom teeth removed and I don't have insurance. It's going to cost $1,200 and I also have an emergency room bill to pay. As this came so sudden, I don't have near the amount of money I need to get it done and have to put it on a credit card. So basically I'm asking for any amount of a donation! I don't care if it's $2. I am going to sell graphics and stuff too on my site and whatever is in my paypal account at the end of the month will go towards the credit card bill. So if you can donate whatever I would appreciate it more than you will know.

I would be very appreciative no matter what you can give.
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